History of creation ResinPro®

History of creation ResinPro®

The ResinPro® was founded in 2018, as a new brand of the family business
company, Mr. Danilo La Porta, who was involved in the Epoxy Resin Production but with specific focus to the natural stone.

The company is currently producing epoxy resins and gums, pigments and a long list of other innovative products, both for the artistic and DIY fields.

Product line ResinPro® is manufactured in a factory in Liguria, which is one of
the most famous historical centers of Italian jewelery art. Paying homage to the
Italian tradition, ResinPro® offers an effective and functional tool for the
realization of your projects.

ResinPro® products have won the hearts of artists and craftsmen throughout Europe and America with the quality of their products.

And now ResinPro® products are available in Israel! 


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