About Us

M | Art Studio - official distributor of epoxy resin Resin Pro® Italy in Israel

Our acquaintance with epoxy started about 3 years ago. These were unforgettable emotions and impressions when we made our first products.
But immediately difficulties arose: where in Israel to buy high-quality epoxy resin and materials for creativity? We have been looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier for a long time. After trying the resin from different manufacturers, the choice settled on the Italian resin Resin Pro®.
Wow - this is a really high quality product!
100% Italian quality and a wide range of resins from Resin Pro® allows you to realize any creative idea and produce a wide variety of products.
The problem was also that in Israel there is no assortment of epoxy resins for different tasks and it was impossible to buy all the necessary materials for working with epoxy resin in one place. Therefore, we decided to create this online store, in which we have selected for you all the necessary and high-quality materials and tools so that you can easily start creating.

And now we want to share the best with you!

You can be inspired by examples of the master's work on the Instagram page.