What materials do you need to get started with epoxy resin?

What materials do you need to get started with epoxy resin?

Materials Needed to Get Started with Epoxy

Have you long wanted to make an epoxy resin product with your own hands and do not know where to start? We have compiled a list of necessary materials for you, with which you can easily get started and create your first unique product.

If this is your first time working with resin, it's best to start by making a small piece. You also need to decide what kind of surface you will be working on. The next purchase depends on this: a ready-made silicone mold, your own silicone mold or a cast of IGUM silicone paste, an art drawing board or a wooden surface.

Materials that will be needed to work with resin:

  • thermometer hydrometer (we do not recommend working with epoxy resin at temperatures above 25-27 ° C and at humidity above 60%.
  • epoxy resin (component A+B)
  • special dyes and pigments
  • fill surface: mold or artboard
  • personal protective equipment: respirator, gloves, work clothes or apron
  • protective film for work surface
  • disposable resin mixing cups
  • wooden sticks for stirring the resin
  • digital scales
  • gas turbo burner
  • bubble level
  • dust screen
  • paper napkins

We have collected all the necessary and high-quality materials so that you can easily start creating!

Create with love!

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