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Epoxy resin - Epoxy Table 10 - we accept pre-orders

Epoxy resin - Epoxy Table 10 - we accept pre-orders

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Transparent low viscosity epoxy resin for large castings Epoxy Table 10 is a two-component system for casting wooden worktops and other types of castings with a layer thickness of up to 10 cm (tabletops, furniture)

That's why EPOXY TABLE 10 will guarantee you an excellent result without effort:

  • European quality - straight from Italy
  • Low exotherm, for castings up to 10cm thick
  • Additivated with anti-UV filters, without yellowing
  • High mechanical strength surface, to ensure maximum scratch resistance
  • Easy to use, ideal for both Professionals and Hobbyists
  • Low viscosity to eliminate all air bubbles
  • Long processing time in order to be able to intervene on the work, to correct any aesthetic defect.

Two-component epoxy resin: component A + component B
Proportions by weight: 100:25

Important! Epoxy resin specifications: 50-55% humidity and 20°C-25°C temperature

Epoxy Table 10 is the flagship product of the Resin Pro range that uses the most advanced formulations with a single goal: perfect castings, without bubbles, deformations and stable over time.

Created specifically for the creation of wooden and resin tables and large castings for artistic works, Epoxy Table 10 is a two-component epoxy system that differs from traditional epoxy resins thanks to the cycloaliphatic-hydrogenated formulation, 100% reactive.

The very low exotherm allows to cast large thicknesses WITHOUT OVERHEATING and WITHOUT DEFORMATIONS. Perfectly TRANSPARENT and NOT YELLOW.

All combined with the ease of preparation and mixing within everyone's reach, without the risk of ruining your project.

For casting of small objects such as figurines, ornaments, lamps (example: 15cmx15cm x 30cm high), it is possible to increase the thickness of the casting up to 30 cm with a controlled temperature of 15 ° C.

If you are looking for a product that guarantees you an impeccable quality for your projects, Epoxy Table 10 is the ideal resin for you!

This product is out of stock - pre-orders are being accepted.

For all questions and pre-orders, please contact us by email:

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