Large selection of premium quality epoxy resins from Resin Pro® directly from Italy - the cradle of world art!

“ART PRO” is a medium-viscosity resin, best suited for creating various decorative products: trays, dishes, stands, fruit bowls, various works on art boards and other surfaces, and is also used as a finishing layer.
“ART PRO DELUXE” - thick resin is ideal for creating works in the style: “Sea”, “Cut stone”, “Marble”, “Space” and other creative solutions. It differs from ordinary resins in that it allows creative people to create clear shapes and patterns on surfaces and canvases. Can also be used as a finishing layer.
“TRANSPARENT Ultra Clear” - liquid resin, ultra-transparent, designed for creating various jewelry, pouring dried flowers and other objects, and is also used to create abstractions. It is also widely used in construction and repair work: repair of fiberglass, artistic flooring, production of various models, etc.
“EPOXY FOOD” – intended for finishing coating of finished products made of epoxy resin, safe for contact with cold food products.
“UV-CREATION RESIN” is a quick-drying resin used for decorative and jewelry making, clothing accessories, modeling and other creative applications. The maximum thickness of 1 layer is up to 3 mm. Dries instantly when exposed to ultraviolet light.
“EPOXY TABLE 5” is a crystal clear epoxy resin designed for pouring tables and thick pours. Allows you to easily fill up to 5cm at a time. Ideal for pouring tables made of wood and resin, as well as voluminous work up to 5 cm in height.
“ONE TO ONE” – epoxy resin with a simple mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume. Resistant to high humidity. Designed to work with jewelry, fakes, key chains, pendants, as well as small works.
“CARBON” - epoxy resin intended for professional technical work. Carbon impregnation. Mixing ratio: component A 100: component B 55. The gelation time with an impregnation thickness of about 1 mm is 1 - 1.5 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity in the room. Very high mechanical properties after drying. Glossy finish.
“POLIFORM” – polyurethane resin, very durable and quick-drying. Designed for modeling and prototyping. Vacuum casting technology can also be used. Mass ratio of components: component A 90: component B 100. Curing time 30 minutes. Shore hardness 100.
“HEAT PRO” - protective coating against scratches and withstands high temperatures. Designed for coating small objects up to 25 cm in size. Apply only to clean epoxy coating, without dyes or pigments. Layer thickness 1-3 mm. Please read the description on the website carefully before use.
“NATURESIN” - Italy Natural Mineral Resin System (acrylic composite) - ideal for creating trays, coasters, flower vases, plates, candlesticks, sculptures, figurines and various decorative items, ashtrays, etc. Moisture and heat resistant. Environmentally friendly to use. The finished products have a glossy surface that is pleasant to the touch (reminiscent of ceramics).