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Liquid Epoxy Resin for thick castings and tables Table5

Liquid Epoxy Resin for thick castings and tables Table5

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Transparent low viscosity epoxy resin for large castings Epoxy Table 5-FIVE - two-component system for DIY and large projects with a layer thickness of up to 5 cm (countertops, furniture)

  • European quality - straight from Italy
  • Crystal clear
  • No harsh odor
  • Reinforced anti-yellowing filter
  • Pouring up to 5 cm thick without overheating
  • Liquid like water
  • High strength
  • Perfectly smooth and glossy surface

Two-component epoxy resin: component A + component B
Proportions by weight: 100:55

Curing time: 24-48 hours.

Full hardening 7-8 days.

A unique product that allows pouring up to 5 cm thick, non-yellowing and resistant to non-critical mechanical damage. Suitable for ambient temperatures up to +30°C, great for creating countertops and other resin and wood products.
The recommended temperature for work is +23-27°С, humidity up to 60%.

Designed specifically for wood and resin countertops, as well as large arts and crafts infills, designer furniture and other thick infills (stone, metal, cork, etc.).

But the name of this resin should not be taken literally and use it only for making tables. This resin will allow you to easily make a vase, a tall candlestick, a night light, i.e. item over 5 cm.

Ideal for pouring resin and wood countertops due to its characteristics:

  • low exothermicity (does not overheat) for castings up to 5 cm thick;
  • good UV filter, which gives an excellent guarantee of non-yellowing;
  • high mechanical strength of the hardened resin surface;
  • resistance to scratches and other non-critical damage;
  • low viscosity of the product, which ensures the release of air bubbles from the thickness of the filling;
  • long curing time, which makes it possible to correct inaccuracies and defects in the work.
  • After mixing the components, the resin hardens within 3-5 days, but we recommend mechanical processing (including grinding and polishing) only after 7-8 days have passed from the moment of pouring.

To color the resin and create patterns, use dyes and pigments of M | Art Studio.

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