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Epoxy resin PolyForm - two-component polyurethane resin - super durable, quick drying - ready in 5 minutes!

Epoxy resin PolyForm - two-component polyurethane resin - super durable, quick drying - ready in 5 minutes!

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🏭 Unleash your creativity - Dive into the world of rapid prototyping with our high-flow polyurethane casting resin specifically designed for the simulation and automation industry.

🛠️ From idea to reality - create precise prototypes using silicone molds and POLYFORM resin. Test, innovate and improve your designs through mass production.

✨ Improve with ease - experience smoothness, shine and durability in just 5 minutes. POLYFORM brings your artistic creations to life with ease.

⚙️ Pushing the boundaries: Thanks to its high Shore A hardness, POLYFORM enables rapid prototyping in model making and automation. This is your secret to exceptional accuracy.

🌡️Variety of applications - from casting models requiring wear resistance, to negatives, casting and even thermoforming, POLYFORM is your one-stop solution.

🌱Safe and Reliable - With a non-toxic certification, POLYFORM ensures that your creations are as safe to handle as they are innovative.

Two-component epoxy resin: component A + component B

Proportions by weight: 90:100

High-flow polyurethane casting formula with high Shore A hardness for rapid prototyping in simulation and automation applications.

The importance of prototyping.
Prototypes made with silicone molds and polyurethane resin can be used for pre-processing, stability and dimensional testing to improve the part before mass processing of the finished product. In the automotive industry, for example, prototypes of rear-view mirrors are created in advance, before processing in the press, precisely in order to avoid errors that could jeopardize the entire series production. Our polyurethane formulation allows us to work with the “Vacuum Casting” technique, with which it is possible to produce small series of products using silicone molds with mechanical, aesthetic and dimensional characteristics identical to the finished product. This technique uses vacuum equipment to create very small pieces using bi-fold silicone rubber molds without micro-bubbles. The product is also certified non-toxic by skin contact after catalysis, ensuring that products created with Polyform are safe to handle.

Technical features :

  •  Viscosity – 70 mPa*s
  •  Pot Life – 3 min;
  •  Ripening – 30 min;
  •  Weight ratio A/B – 90/100;
  •  Hardness – 100 Shore A
  •  Color – beige

Notes: Do not use at temperatures below 8-10°C. Wear gloves and safety glasses during mixing and application. Clean rollers and tools with epoxy or nitro thinner. Dispose of packaging in accordance with applicable local regulations. For additional safety information, please read the component MSDS carefully.

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