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Liquid Epoxy Resin Transparent Ultra Clear

Liquid Epoxy Resin Transparent Ultra Clear

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Two-component liquid, transparent epoxy resin for application in thin layers (from 1 mm) and castings up to 2 cm thick

It has self-levelling properties. After curing, it has a smooth, glossy and durable UV resistant surface.

The product is characterized by low viscosity, which reduces the formation of air bubbles when mixing components and facilitates the impregnation of various materials with resin.

  • European quality - straight from Italy
  • Crystal clear
  • No harsh odor
  • Reinforced anti-yellowing filter
  • Liquid like water
  • High strength
  • Perfectly smooth and glossy surface

Two-component epoxy resin: component A + component B 

Proportions by weight: 100:60

Important! Epoxy resin specifications: 50-55% humidity and 22°C-25°C temperature

The main features of this product are:

  • high transparency;
  • excellent mechanical resistance;
  • good chemical and carbonation resistance;
  • high impregnation and reinforcement of technical fabrics;
  • long working life;
  • glossy and self-levelling surface;
  • contains highly UV-resistant components for long-lasting products (low yellowing);
  • low viscosity, which reduces the formation of air bubbles after curing and facilitates the impregnation of the carbon fiber;
  • the product can be painted with any epoxy dye (both paste and powder) in a percentage ratio from 0.1% to 2.0%).

Epoxy resin is ideal for:

  • wood processing (restoration or coating) that guarantees strength, stability and aesthetics · creation of countertops, for unique and original creations!
  • artistic creations such as jewelry or souvenirs to create your original personal line;
  • pouring dried flowers;
  • model making to quickly and cheaply recreate your favorite models or unavailable spare parts;
  • An artistic floor covering that gives shine and complete protection against bacteria and mould;
  • fiberglass repair, avoiding costly and complex repair processes;
  • photographs, canvases or paintings to create protective coatings that preserve the image in its original form for many years and guarantee protection from impacts, as well as giving an incomparable shine;
  • ceramic, cement restoration or coating that allows you to repair damaged floors by simply applying it over the old floor, avoiding costly repairs;
  • protective coatings for outdoor use to protect your terrace or porch from moisture and moisture penetration.

To color the resin and create patterns, use dyes and pigments of M | Art Studio.

Please note that the mechanical resistance of the resin continues to increase for 4-5 days after pouring. After 24 hours, the resin will harden, but in the following days the strength of the material will increase.

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