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Epoxy resin - UV-Creation Resin - we accept pre-orders

Epoxy resin - UV-Creation Resin - we accept pre-orders

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UV-Creation Resin - Convenient, fast and efficient! Cures instantly in 60 seconds with a 36W UV lamp 

UV-Creation Resin is a transparent gel that hardens under the influence of ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is one-component and does not require mixing with a catalyst. It can be painted or decorated with powder or paste pigments to create the desired effect. Drying time is from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the application and the amount of pigment added.

  • European quality - straight from Italy
  • Natural and harmless composition that does not cause irritation
  • Made from acrylic and non-toxic materials
  • Hardens very quickly
  • Perfectly transparent
  • Exceptional properties in terms of quality and hardness
  • Convenient packaging

One piece product! No mixing required! Can be used immediately!

UV resin is not suitable for alcohol based paints!

Although the recommended coating layer is 3 mm, 2 to 3 consecutive castings can be made, provided that the previous layer is fully catalysed.

It is not recommended to use this product for castings with a thickness of more than 3 mm.

How to use:

Before you begin, please note that the UV resin is in the form of a thick gel. Lightly heat it for a few minutes with a hair dryer to make the resin more liquid.

  • If the design of your project requires good decorative work, the thinner resin will be much easier to work with!!!
  • Finish work on the product on which you will apply the resin.
  • Prepare all the necessary equipment and components for use - resin, pigments, decorative elements, a toothpick and a UV lamp.
  • Clean the surface well with alcohol to degrease it and remove dust.
  • Mix a small amount of UV pigment with clear resin. Use a paper palette and a steel palette knife. Add pigment until the desired color appears. Don't use too much dye - the resin may not cure properly.
  • Depending on the project you choose, you may need to make temporary borders to contain the resin and prevent it from spreading outside (eg thick office tape).
  • Apply the first thin coat of resin as a base to the surface and let it cure. Subsequent layers may be pigmented, but in the case of multiple colors, each must be exposed separately.
  • Work slowly to avoid blistering. If they still appear, heating the resin surface before exposure to UV light will cause the bubbles to rise to the surface. Preheating the resin can help prevent blistering.
  • Place the product under a UV lamp for 1-2 minutes. If pigments are added to the resin, increase the exposure time and follow the general rule: "The darker the color, the longer the exposure."
  • Continue adding layers on top of the already hardened until you reach the desired volume, height and thickness.
  • We believe that with the new material you will be even more inspired. Create, learn and experiment!

In case of excessive viscosity of the UV resin, it is recommended to slightly heat the jar by placing it in a water bath in hot water for 10 minutes or by placing it on a radiator for about 5 minutes: your UV resin will become liquid. 

This product is out of stock - pre-orders are being accepted.

For all questions and pre-orders, please contact us by email:

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