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Golden arrows with hole

Golden arrows with hole

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Clock hands in a simple style: they can match with a variety of colors, patterns, watch panel shapes, they won't stand out. Simple design, easy to use.

These hands fit the movement - Quartz Silent Clock Movement with Smooth Running (MCDFL DIY)


Not Suitable for Clock Face Diameter Less Than 30-35 cm

Total hour hand length: approx. 135mm

Total minute hand length: approx. 165mm

Total second hand length: approx. 183mm

Please know, our clock hands are only suitable for clock mechanism with the following specifications:

Hour Hand Shaft Diameter: 5.5 mm
Minute Hand Shaft Diameter: 3.7 mm
Second Hand Shaft Diameter: 0.86 mm

Installation Steps

1. Place metal hook over shaft.
2. Place plastic washer over shaft.
3. Insert shaft through clock face.
4. Place dial plate brass washer over shaft.
5. Attach dail fixing brass hex nut.
6. Gently press hour hand onto shaft at 12:00 position.
7. Place minute hand over shaft at 12:00 position.
8. Gently screw minute nut in place.


- please check the size before buying.
- Please peel off the resist film of the clock hands.
- Be careful not to bend the hands with too much pressure.
- When you install them, please keep the hour hand and minute hand parallel
- Do not tighten the brass hex nut too tight
- Press hard to get all clock hands in place
- Please do not use Alkaline battery, rechargeable battery, or they will damage the clock movement.

Remove the protective film before use.

The pointers are made of thin aluminum or iron plate after one time punch, although the packaging is good, but still can not avoid being bent during long-distance transportation. If it occurs the situation, please slightly smooth it straight by fingers. It doesn't affect usage.

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please understand, Thank you.

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