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IGUM - Silicone paste, 500 grams

IGUM - Silicone paste, 500 grams

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Silicone paste "iGum" - non-toxic - two-component A + B (1: 1)

Completely non-toxic pliable silicone paste: applied by hand.

Silicone paste "IGUM" is soft and durable. Compatible with resins, gypsum, wax, low-melting metal, soap and cement.
  • Easy to use, no scales or precision instruments required;
  • Safe and odorless, you don't need gloves and mask;
  • Works and applied by hand;
  • Reproduce your models quickly: hardens in as little as 30 minutes;
  • Durability.

How to use silicone paste?
1) Mix an equal amount of yellow paste and white paste: mix with your hands for a minute until you get a uniform color.

2) From the resulting paste, form a layer of the thickness and size you need in which you want to make an impression of the object. Or form a shape or rim by hand. Simply press any object or mold into the paste and your new molds will be ready in 30 minutes.

3) The silicone mold is ready! Remove the original model and fill the resulting mold with a reproduction material (resin, plaster, wax, fusible metal, soap or cement).

Do you want to create precise and detailed shapes with maximum ease? IGUM is the product for you!
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