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Masking tape

Masking tape

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Masking tape is a self-adhesive strip of textured corrugated paper with an adhesive layer of synthetic rubber.
This type of tape is used for painting and finishing works indoors and outdoors, as well as in creativity, car painting, and performs many other functions.
Areas of use:
• for protection of surfaces from paint, dust during repair and painting works;
• to protect glass, plastic and metal surfaces from scratches and chips;
• during car painting;
• in everyday life for sealing cracks in windows;
• in creativity.
Benefits of using masking tape:
• has a perfectly matched adhesive, thanks to which it adheres well to various surfaces, but is easily and completely removed from them;
• does not peel off during painting and contact with painting tools;
• retains quality parameters for a long time;
• provides clear boundaries when painting;
• suitable for all types of paint.

The size:
• 18 mm
• 48 mm

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