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Metal File Set

Metal File Set

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Set of 10 files - durable, wear-resistant, high hardness, high strength, good elasticity.
Comfortable plastic handle provides better control.

Shank diameter of metal parts: 3mm.
Material: T12 steel
Quantity: 1 set (10 pcs)
Color: black handle
Total length: 140mm
Working length: 65 mm

10 files of different shapes:
1. flat
2. semicircular
3. triangular
4. round
5. square
6. triangular flat
7. two large semicircular ones
8. two small semicircular ones
9. broadsword type file
10. knife type rasp

Application: Can be used for processing epoxy resin products, removing rough edge, sharp edge or sanding.
Also used for processing hard materials, hardened materials, metal processing, glass processing and mold polishing. Wood processing, deburring; trimming and chamfering. Watch repair, jewelry polishing, glass processing. An indispensable tool for all types of polishing and model making.

Packing: 10 files.

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