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Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves

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Nitrile is also known as synthetic rubber. It is created from petroleum products, has high elasticity and strength. Nitrile is resistant to acids, chemicals, tolerates high temperatures. Unlike natural rubber, which is obtained from the juice of the Brazilian hevea, nitrile does not cause allergic reactions on the skin.

The elasticity of the material can reach 500%. Nitrile gloves have excellent stretch and fit the hand. The composition does not contain latex, so the likelihood of allergies is minimized even for the most sensitive skin.

Nitrile easily withstands temperature changes, but it must be stored exclusively in a dry and dark place. If the product is constantly exposed to bright light or high humidity, the material will lose its properties.

Gloves made of this material perform the following functions:

  • protect the skin from exposure to chemicals;
  • protect against contact with the skin and wounds of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms;
  • serve as a barrier against various contaminants and moisture;
  • allow you to hold tools even with excessive sweating of the hands;
  • protect against high or low temperatures.
  • Nitrile allows you to maintain the sensitivity of the fingers, which is important during surgical operations.

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