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Quartz Silent Clock Movement with Smooth Running (12888)

Quartz Silent Clock Movement with Smooth Running (12888)

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Shaft length

Silent quartz movement with long shaft ensures high accuracy and reliability, smooth running, no ticking and quiet operation.

Movement Case Size: Approx. 56 x 56mm
Battery: One AA 1.5V carbon battery (not included).
DO NOT use alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, high current batteries, they may damage the mechanism.

All watch movements have the same case size and shaft thickness, they differ only in shaft length.

Shaft: Clockwise Shaft Diameter: 4.98mm
Diameter minute hand shaft: 3.12 mm

The kit includes:
- quartz clockwork
- rubber gasket
- brass washer
- brass hex nut

Installation steps:
1. Slide the plastic washer onto the shaft.
2. Insert the shaft through the dial.
3. Place the brass washer on the shaft.
4. Attach the brass hex nut that secures the rail.
5. Gently press the hour hand against the shaft at the 12 o'clock position.
6. Place the minute hand on the shaft at the 12:00 position.
7. Carefully tighten the minute nut.

About Battery.

Battery Type: 1.5V AA size (IEC R6) Carbon Battery 1 piece (Not Included)

Please DO NOT USE alkaline battery, rechargeable battery, a battery more than 1.5V or a high electric current battery.
The best option is a carbon battery or a low electric current battery (less than 500 ma)

Why we should use carbon battery or low electric current batteries on most of home clocks?
Most of clocks only need very low electric current, especially for quartz clock for home. If use a high electric current battery such as a rechargeable battery, it may damage the clock movement, cause inaccurate time, or even burn out the clock movement, affecting the service life.

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