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Respirator KN95 with valve

Respirator KN95 with valve

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The protective respirator mask with KN95 valve is designed to protect the respiratory organs from the ingress of small airborne particles.

Consists of 5 filter layers made of high quality cotton, spunbond, and non-woven material that does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. The air passing through the respirator is purified from 95% of particulate matter, which corresponds to the high protection class FFP2. This means that it is capable of retaining both fine dust and most biological particles. Therefore, it is recommended for use during epidemics.

Due to its design, the KN95 mask does a much better job of protecting against viruses and bacteria than conventional medical masks.

The exhalation valve effectively removes the generated heat, exhaled air and moisture, reduces the level of fogging of glasses, provides ease of breathing and comfort during use. The design provides a secure fit for various types and shapes of the face, does not create discomfort during prolonged use, is resistant to wrinkling and is suitable for working in high temperature and humid environments. The long and plastic nose clip allows you to tightly press the mask to the bridge of your nose.

The respirators are individually packaged for safe and convenient storage prior to use.

Price for 1 piece.

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