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Sandpaper is a type of abrasive material in which an abrasive substance in the form of a “grain” or powder is applied to the base.
Designed for manual and machine processing of surfaces of various materials (metal, wood, glass, plastic, finished products made of epoxy resin, gypsum, acrylic composite) - surface preparation, grinding of various surfaces and other similar works.
It is widely used in creativity for processing and grinding various uneven surfaces.
The main indicator that is taken into account when choosing is the paper number corresponding to its abrasiveness. The number indicates the number of abrasive particles per square inch of the material. The greater the number of abrasive grains placed per unit area, the smaller they are, respectively, and suitable for finer operations.
The number of abrasive particles - from 160 to 1400 per square inch. Used for surface finishing, grinding and polishing.

In stock :

  • 80 grit
  • 120 grit

Sheet size : 230 x 140 mm

Price for 2 sheets.

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