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Art Pro Deluxe Thick Epoxy Resin Kit (3 x 1.7 kg)

Art Pro Deluxe Thick Epoxy Resin Kit (3 x 1.7 kg)

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Super thick transparent epoxy resin for artists Art Pro Deluxe

  • European quality - straight from Italy
  • Crystal Clean
  • No strong odor
  • Reinforced anti-yellowing filter
  • Ideal for Ocean Art, Geode Art, Marble Effect, Space Art and other Resin Art techniques
  • High strength
  • Smooth and glossy surface

Two-component epoxy resin: component A + component B
Proportions by weight: 100:70

Important! Epoxy resin specifications: 50-55% humidity and 22°C-25°C temperature


High density transparent self-levelling epoxy resin, UV resistant. After hardening, it has a shiny, absolutely smooth surface, resistant to moisture.

The main feature of this resin is its high viscosity, thanks to which it can be used in the Resin Art technique: the resin does not spread over the work surface and allows you to create a planned pattern without major changes during the polymerization process.

Application area:

  • creation of paintings and panels in Resin Art technique
  • painted imitation of the sea
  • creation of coasters, trays and vases up to 1 cm thick
  • covering various surfaces as a protective layer
  • fixing fillers (decorative elements, glass, stone, quartz, etc.)

Art Pro Deluxe Resin differs from conventional resins in that it allows creative people to create crisp shapes and patterns on surfaces and canvases without mixing the resin inadvertently losing the original design!

To color the resin and create patterns, use dyes and pigments of M | Art Studio.

Art Pro Deluxe is also suitable for covering various surfaces from 1 mm to 2.5 mm thick, while creating a transparent, even glossy surface.

Certified non-toxic, solvent-free, odorless epoxy.

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