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Shaft with high torque. Silent and smooth quartz movement (MCDFL 227S).

Shaft with high torque. Silent and smooth quartz movement (MCDFL 227S).

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Shaft length

This quartz movement is characterized by high precision and high torque of the watch movement, which ensures the accuracy and reliability of watchmaking.
The silent mechanism provides smoothness of the course, absence of knocks and silent work.


Model Number: 227S I Shaft BlueBox
Certification: CE & RoHS
Material: Plastic, Brass, Metal
Colors: Black & Transparent Blue
Motion: Sweep Silent Movement
Crystal Oscillator: 32.768kHZ
Case Dimensions: Approx. 56 x 56 x 16 mm
Time Keeping Accuracy: ±1 sec/day at 1.5V, 23℃
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~ 50℃ (14℉~122℉ )
Operating Voltage: DC 1.3V~1.7V
Average Operating Current: ≦230μA at 1.5V
Output Torque of Minute Hand: 36 gf·cm over/at 1.5V
Battery Type: 1.5V AA size (IEC R6) Carbon Battery 1 piece (Not Included)

All watch movements have the same case size and shaft thickness, they differ only in shaft length.

About Shaft Diameter:

Thread Diameter: 7.8 mm
Hour Hand Shaft Diameter: 5.05 mm
Minute Hand Shaft Diameter: 3.90 mm

 Package Included:

- High Torque I Shaft Silent Clock Movement
- Minute Hand Fixing Nut
- Plastic Washer
- Brass Washer
- Brass Nut
- Metal Hook
- Mounting Hook

High Torque "I" Shaft Clock Movement

Please compare the hole of your minute hands to the shape of this clock mechanism shaft.
This clock movement is "I" shaft with rounded rectangle shape.

Designed for Large Long Clock Hands

I shaft Clock Mechanism, drive large long clock hands (10cm to 45cm). Good for repairing, replacing or making a clock by yourself, serving as good replacements for large and thick clock frames.

Installation Steps

1. Place metal hook over shaft.
2. Place plastic washer over shaft.
3. Insert shaft through clock face.
4. Place dial plate brass washer over shaft.
5. Attach dial fixing brass hex nut.
6. Gently press hour hand onto shaft at 12:00 position.
7. Place minute hand over shaft at 12:00 position.
8. Gently screw minute nut in place.

Kindly Note:

- Check the shaft length and thread length carefully before purchase.
- Be careful not to bend the hands with too much pressure.
- Do not tighten the brass hex nut too tight.
- Tighten the minute hand fixing nut, make sure there is no gap.
- Press hard to get all clock hands in place.
- Keep clock hands parallel with each other.
- Please do not use alkaline battery and rechargeable battery, or they will damage the clock movement.

About Battery

Battery Type: 1.5V AA size (IEC R6) Carbon Battery 1 piece (Not Included)

Please DO NOT USE alkaline battery, rechargeable battery, a battery more than 1.5V or a high electric current battery.
The best option is a carbon battery or a low electric current battery (less than 500 ma)

Why we should use carbon battery or low electric current batteries on most of home clocks?
Most of clocks only need very low electric current, especially for quartz clock for home. If use a high electric current battery such as a rechargeable battery, it may damage the clock movement, cause inaccurate time, or even burn out the clock movement, affecting the service life.

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