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Wooden clock hands - C

Wooden clock hands - C

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Wooden clock hands are made in a stylish, original design.

These hands fit the movement - Quartz Silent Clock Movement with Smooth Running (MCDFL DIY)


These clock hands are suitable for a base of 35-40 cm or more.

Total hour hand length: approx. 120mm

Total minute hand length: approx. 145mm

Total second hand length: approx. 180mm

Please know, our clock hands are only suitable for clock mechanism with the following specifications:

Hour Hand Shaft Diameter: 5.5 mm
Minute Hand Shaft Diameter: 3.7 mm

Installation steps

1. Put the metal hook on the shaft.
2. Slide the plastic washer onto the shaft.
3. Insert the shaft through the dial.
4. Place the brass dial washer on the shaft.
5. Attach the brass hex nut that secures the rail.
6. Gently press the hour hand against the shaft at the 12 o'clock position.
7. Place the minute hand on the shaft at the 12:00 position.
8. Gently press the minute hand to seat it on the shaft.


- Please check the size before purchasing.
- When you install them, please keep the hour hand and minute hand parallel.
- Do not overtighten the brass hex nut.
- Press hard to put all clock hands in place.
- Please do not use alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, otherwise they will damage the clock mechanism.

Do not bend the arrows so that they do not crack.

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