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Large hour hands (black, gold, silver)

Large hour hands (black, gold, silver)

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The large clock hands are made in a simple style:
they can match with a variety of colors, patterns, watch panel shapes, they won't stand out. Simple design, easy to use.

These hands fit the movement -Shaft with high torque. Silent and smooth quartz movement (MCDFL 227S).

Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminum, metal ( Please avoid too much pressure while install to prevent bending )
Color: Black, Gold, Silver
Size: 33.5cm

Hour hand length:
Total length: approx. 27 cm ( 10.6 inch )
Center hole to the tip: approx. 19.5 cm ( 7.7 inch )
Minute hand length:
Total length: 33.5 cm ( 13.2 inch )
Center hole to the tip: approx. 26 cm ( 10.2 inch )

Please know:

Our large clock hands are only suitable for I shaft high torque clock movement
Minute hands, mounting hole is square, size is approx. 4.0 x 2.8 mm (L x W). Please check carefully the hole is not round 

Warm Note:

1. Please check the dimension of these hands, verify the dimension carefully before purchase.
2. The hour and minute hands had a protective film that needs to be carefully removed.
3. Be careful not to bend the hands with too much pressure.
4. The hands are made of aluminum with high ductility, you can straight it easily if bends.
5. Press hard to get all clock hands in place
6. Please keep the hour hand and minute hand parallel when you install.

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